Events List
52nd AU Day May 25
Day Of The African Child

On African Union (AU) day each year, we seize the opportunity to educate the children on what African Unity is all about. We also try to generate pride in our “Africanness” and in our Ghanaian culture and heritage....

Sap's Auditorium December 16
Neatest Child Observance Day

Here the neatest child in each class is recognized at a school gathering and honored. This child has to be one who has been consistently neat from head to toe throughout the school year. ...

Sap's Auditorium August 4
Founder's Day

On Founder’s Day each year, we remember the founding fathers of our School and the virtues they stood for....

Sap's Auditorium Jan 29
Careers Day.

Careers Day is also used to sensitize parents and children on the Senior Secondary High School Curriculum and the selection procedure into the various category of schools...

Upcoming Events

March 4
59th independence day parade

Saps Citi Time 8:30 am